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Andrew Baxter Dr, 12
Auckland, 2022
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+64 508 367 783

We have been supplying and selling premium ride on commercial lawn mowers by Walker Mowers to residents of New Zealand since the 1980s. Walker Mowers have developed exceptional lawnmowers for both commercial and residential lawn mowing. With the Forward Speed Control (FSC) system, our Walker Mowers can take you where you want to go with minimum effort from the user. Our lawnmowers are designed to turn on the spot and are renowned leaders in the industry of zero-radius turning lawnmowers.

The decks of all our Walker Lawnmowers are strategically positioned at the front of the lawnmower, therefore enabling the rider to oversee the direction and control of the dispersion of the mower at their will. We have an interchangeable Mower Deck system, this allows the use of the lawnmower to be altered to suit the task required, such as collecting leaves, removing snow, or cutting grass. Our decks come in multiple sizes, each designed for suitable applications.

We use an advanced grass handling system to ensure that the cut grass is collected and removed from the lawn, providing a clean and clear landscape for homeowners.  

If you're curious to know more about our lawnmowers, please get in touch with us and we can find a dealer near you or arrange a demonstration for you.

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