Leting Zhaoyi is one group with manufacture and trading. Our factory established in 2003, have been engaging in garden and farming tools. Along with the business expand, we established our exporting company in 2010. Now our main products as below:

Garden and farming tools series: garden digging weeding fork hoes,spading hay manure muck prong pitchforks,spades and shovels, digging point grub mattock and pickaxes etc.

Paddock fencing series: portable pigtail metal posts,treading-in step-in plug-in paddock posts,fencing insulators cable rods clamps clips, gate handle,animals pets water drinker feeder,fencing reels and related accessories etc.

Pest control series: mouse rat trap catching,bait boxes and birds control spikes deterrents etc

Except above products,we also make some hardware products,such as Christmas tree standing etc.

We not only have rich experience on exporting, also we are professional, we could help customers organize the different goods to satisfy with the market requirements.

You could also customize the products as your thoughts.Trust we'll always be your honest and trustworthy partner and reliable supplier.

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