The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic on a global scale, and the subsequent halt of businesses that resulted in imbalanced and uncertain economic situations, have led to companies that provide disinfectant and sanitizing products rising to the challenge including SanitizeMe - a South African based company with outlets that are branching into Africa.

At SanitizeMe we specialize in the provision of professional sanitizing solutions and products pertaining to facilities management. In partnership with  many businesses aand healthcare facilities, schools and even homes, our aim is to curb the spread of the infection while increasing the ability of being able to serve not only our esteemed customers, but patients, students, and the South African community as a whole.

Our service and product offering include: 

Thermal product range and solutions (infrared no-touch thermometers, walk-through sanitize booth, hands free hand sanitizer dispensers, stand alone wash basins, desk screen dividers and many more.

Foggers and Disinfectants - (ULV and thermal foggers and disinfectants for commercial, industrial and home use)

PPE, Aerosol hand sanitizers, Liquid & gel sanitizers.

For a full service solution presentation,  Covid 19 solutions & Commercial office cleaning services to maintain a sanitary environment – please visit our website.

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