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Since its establishment, MyChores has succeeded to become leading facilitators to help families in hiring attendants. Whether it is a live-in maid, someone for senior citizens care when you are not at home or a driver who is honest and proficient, MyChores works a mile ahead is searching for people from a database which collates details of workers from various locations in Mumbai. If security is something that hinders you to contact the organization, then you needn’t worry about it. Before moving forward in finding someone, the worker is document verified and his or her history is checked thoroughly.

Right from the point of interviewing people to helping you appoint one of the best among the lot, the company takes care of everything prudently. Post hiring, the family can review the way the helper would be working for a span of 4 days. It is only after this period the family can confirm the worker on a permanent basis. You as an employer can give training to those providing house maid services in case found unsatisfactory. The organization is dedicated to resolve challenges faced while the caretaker offers domestic help. These challenges can impact employers, households and the worker. MyChores makes sure that these workers have the right workplace standards along with the resources that they ought to deserve. No matter for what purpose the worker might be appointed, families can create a positive ambiance by ensuring a fair pay, paid time off, and by being at the same pace from the very first day. Besides selections, MyChores helps in providing a substitute when the worker is on leave. It also works way beyond when just in case the worker leaves his or her job without any prior intimation. Our annual fees are in sync with the number of hours for which you need to worker during the day. 

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