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We take pride in delivering the finest services and without making a hole in your pocket. Unlike others, our services are affordable and within your means. This is because customer satisfaction is our top priority. We believe in serving our customers with care rather than charging them with the unnecessarily hefty amount of money. Moreover, with our excellent customer service, we aim to make a long lasting relationship with you. We not only fulfill our promises but even do our best to go beyond your expectations. In no way will we give you a chance for disappointment. Just tell us your problems, keep your worries aside and leave the rest to us.


  • Clear up clogged pipeline and drainage system
  • Drain cleaning and declogging
  • Install water cement pipes
  • Install outlet / inlet pipes / all plumbing repair
  • Clean thoroughly the septic vault or septic tank
  • Construct new septic tank vault
  • Cleaning and remove garbage inside septic vault
  • Cleaning of cisterin and water tank
  • Drain water waste, water mud, waste oil
  • Locate open and repair septic vault
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Siphon Septic Sludge - (Charges Apply Per Trip)
  • Drain - (Charges Apply Per Hour)
  • Clear Up Clogged Lines - ( Charges Apply Per Service)
  • Install / Open Septic Vault
  • Construct Septic Vault
  • Garbage Removal Inside Septic Vault

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    +63 (0)9 053 614 496