Our business is serving Calgary and surrounding areas providing a full array of residential and commercial landscaping services from design to professional installation.Vivid Garden is implementing over 35 years of experience in horticulture, landscape design, and construction both in Canada and Europe. We combine years of experience in horticulture with expert installation of hardscape elements. Our gardens are custom designed for our client’s family lifestyle and specific needs.
At Vivid Garden we offer senior discounts, and support our work with the long-term workmanship and material warranties. Our goal is to provide the clients with quality and peace of mind. Vivid Garden specializes in city residential, acreage and small to mid-size commercial landscaping and building renovation projects. We offer custom landscape design service and construction project management backed by one of the best installers in landscape and construction industry.
We believe in what we are doing, and this is the reason why Vivid Garden is offering to our clients long-term warranties and support. Financing is available o. a. c. for all of our landscape construction and home improvement projects. Seniors don't pay G.S.T.

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