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King Shutters & Screens are Melbourne’s leading home improvement and security solutions company. We supply and install a wide range of both residential and commercial roller shutters, security doors and fly screens across Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Roller Shutters and Secuirty Screens provide consumers with the ideal home improvement option with benefits that include energy savings and reduced greenhouse emissions through thermal insulation as well as dulling noise and offering complete light block out.

In addition to this they also provide protection against the elements and add security to a home, all while increasing the value of the property.

Here are just some of the other benefits you can expect from installing Roller Shutters in your home or business:

✓ Home Security

Probably one of the main reasons why Roller Shutters appeal to so many customers is for it's Home Security. Once installed in your home or business, it becomes virtually impossible for break-ins to happen.

✓ Summer Insulation

You typically go to work for eight hours a day and when you come home on a stinky hot summers day, your first point of contact is to run for the air-con controls. With Roller Shutters, your home can stay up to 15C° cooler during the day.

✓ Winter Insulation

Those cold, frosty Melbourne mornings are something we're all accustomed to. Roller Shutters have a thin layer of insulation within then and they can keep the cold frost out of your home in those freezing Melbourne winter nights we all know.

✓ Noise Reduction

Live on a busy road? How about next to noisy neighbors? Maybe near a train station. Either way, if you want want to reduce the noise in your bedroom, rumpus or living area, then Roller Shutters may be your best solution.

✓ Better Night's Sleep

It's been said that you get a better night's sleep when you're in a room with complete darkness. You'll never have a better sleep than having the Roller Shutters rolled all the way down to eliminate every spec of light coming through to your room.

✓ Energy Savings

It's common knowledge that with having Roller Shutters installed across your entire home can reduce your inside temperature by 15C° in summer and keep your home much warmer in winter and therefore not worrying to rely on heating and cooling.

✓ Storm & Hail Protection

On occasion, Melbourne weather can experience severe thunderstorms and hail. You won't have to worry when you have Roller Shutters installed. Not only does it protect your windows, but it'll also reduce the noise coming from outside of your home while the thunderstorm passes.

✓ Intruder Evasion

Live in a sketchy area? Had recent break-ins in your neighborhood? Sometimes just having Roller Shutters installed in your home and having them rolled all the way down while you're out can deter a potential intruder from snooping around your home or business premises. Roller Shutters will give you peace-of-mind.

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