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1800 Garage Doors company specializes in comprehensive closing of openings and metal constructions. The main mission of the company is to implement a full range of works on the closure of openings in buildings, including: manufacturing and installation of all kinds of gates; manufacturing and installation of a wide range of shutters.

We also manufacture and install blinds of all kinds, making and installation of forged products and their subsequent installation at the facility, installing crash barriers of all types, as well as manufacturing and installation of horizontal, vertical and other types of awnings. In our rules - to perform all kinds of work at the highest professional level.

Main Problems of Sectional Gates

Industrial sectional doors are large in size and the motor is put on the bulk. Ceiling motors are installed mainly on garage sectional doors.

The most common breakdowns include:

  • Broken or worn springs;
  • rollers that need to be replaced or worn out;
  • Broken or broken rope from the drum;
  • damaged skids;
  • Loose rollers, hinges, brackets;
  • engine wear.

Ceiling motors are considered more reliable than bulk motors.

Another frequent problem is damage to the gate leaf, most often as a result of the collision of vehicles with the gate.

If there are any problems that you do not understand, please contact the professionals, otherwise you can only make things worse.

Main breakages of sliding gates

The most common problem with sliding gates - wear and tear rollers (mostly homemade) on the upper suspension. If their performance is not restored after the grease or lithol grease, the rollers will have to replace.

Rail type sliding gate is considered one of the most reliable. If the guiding rail is strong enough and securely fastened, there will be no problems with it. The rollers, on which the gate moves, are also quite durable.

Cantilever sliding gates because of the more complex design features also have a greater number of problem points. More often this applies to homemade or low quality systems. They have a weak rigidity of the guiding beam, and a small resource of rollers, experiencing increased loads. This causes difficulty in opening-closing, grinding and, as a rule, jamming of the gate, often in the extreme points of the position.

Another common problem with sliding gates is the failure to catch the end roller installed on the bearing beam or unload the entire door leaf when the end roller hits it. Such malfunction is usually caused by deformation (sagging) of the gate leaf or by a small movement of the post with the catcher or foundation. To solve this problem, move only the "trap" to a new place.

Another small recommendation, taking into account the rather complex design of sliding gates. If the cause of the problem is not clear and there is no confidence in the right way to solve it, contact the experts. They will not only help to correct the malfunction, but also give recommendations on how to avoid problems and associated costs in the future.

The main breakdowns of swing gates

One of the problems that may arise swing gates is a tightrope gate leaves or when the mechanism can not open them at all due to the fact that they have not lubricated for a long time, so do not neglect the temporary care for the mechanism hinges, but if it still happened treat you we will help.

Another problem that may occur - skewed sashes. This occurs as a result of improper installation of poles. If the posts are not deeply dug in, then during the seasons - after freezing of the soil and the consequent thawing, they lose stability and deviate from the correct position and it can not but affect the gate.

Another reason of the gate breakage is the wear and tear of the hinges. Repair consists of either aligning them or replacing them completely.

We will help you not only with the repair, but also with the maintenance of the gate, such as: painting, applying varnish to protect the gate from corrosion and other effects of the environment and other services.

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