Zovue Ltd.

Lake Dr, 3013

Zovue Ltd is a boutique marketing agency that provides real estate agencies with a search engine platform to showcase their portfolio. Zovue provides targeted marketing to bring international buyers to your exclusive listings. We do the advertising so you can focus on your business. 

As a marketing agency, Zovue has access to large blocks of international TV advertising. Zovue aims at specific regions to increase your listing exposure to home buyers and property investors. Unlike other real estate platforms, Zovue lets your brand shine. It does not hide your phone number or your website from buyers. Zovue allows buyers to connect to your social media sites.

Zovuue makes it easier for buyer's to make an informed decision by features that gives higher conversion rate like over 7,000 neighborhood videos, detailed maps with POI, active search and filtering, informatinve blogs about the region and hidden gem properties. Guaranteed hassle free uploading by automatically linking your portfolio to your own website. The best offer of all is your exclusivity as an agent in specific region. You sell. We advertise.

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