Pararius is THE Dutch website for rental properties! On Pararius you will be able to view the available houses for rent completely free of any charge. You will only find listings that are provided by professional housing agencies. These combined listings can not be found at any other big housing website for the Netherlands.

Therefore Pararius is a website like no other to find your new rental property. Our listings are provided by home rental agencies, real estate brokers, housing corporations and developers. Pararius is independent and does not make any difference between the different branch organisations that are known on the Dutch market. Every professional rental organisation with a monthly subscription to Pararius is able to offer there available rental properties on our website.

Pararius is aiming to keep its listings as much up to date as possible and to match your personal preferences with one of the available properties. Pararius means intermediate in Latin and this is exactly what we intent: finding an available property for rent for you!

The available rental listings on Pararius consist of bare properties for rent, unfurnished properties, semi-furnished properties, upholstered properties, furnished properties and short stay apartments (apartments that can be rented for a very short term). Pararius also offers you rooms for rent and you are able to consult us for a houseboat or luxurious villa.

Every trustworthy, quality and professional rental institution is able to display their property listings at our website, not only for the bigger cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht but for every location in the Netherlands.

Pararius is equipped with the newest technologies which make it possible to match offer and demand perfectly.

Are you an expat / expatriate working for an international company in Holland looking for a rental property? With Pararius you are always at the right address.

Pararius will open your doors. Pararius provides a service that is professional and transparent!

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