Our business model is simple, yet rare in today's world: "everyone wins". We believe that the hard work and dedication shown every day by our buyers, sellers and agents are the backbone of our company. Our globally operated real estate consulting company is therefore dedicated to superior service, to bringing partners together and to building trust, for the benefit of everyone.


Our company has registered offices in both India and the United States under the umbrella of "IndianTrio", comprised of the most highly trained, qualified, and brilliant lawyers and service agents in the business. Both owners and agents can list their properties on IndianTrio, ranging from real estate and vehicles to electronics or any other item. Our easy-to-use interface streamlines communication between the buyer and the seller, allowing buyers to easily find what they are looking for and directly talk to the seller. Our experts also offer distinctive services for our customers, including advertising, beginning to end services for real-estate transactions, translating legal documents from one language to another and providing legal opinions about properties.

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