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"WUJHA Real Estate" is a fully integrated real estate and community development Work in Oman & Middle East. Our approach sets us apart from our rivals. We ask the mostimportant question first: how will our residential and commercial solutions improve the lives of people who live and work there?

WUJHA Focuses on the creation of a broad range of quality properties in Which to live, work, play and shop in addition to the development and management of key destinations in Oman and Middle East. At the core of the Company's culture, the aspiration to deliver WUJHA's vision for its customers from the selection of its development partners: such as architects, designers, suppliers and contractors to the handover of keys.

To Ensure Developments are delivered to high standards, WUJHA Real Estate Provides a great working environment for talented employees, selects only the right partners, and Develops projects in prime locations. Only by operating this way can WUJHA Real Estate guarantee a track record of delivery for customers to help realize the goal of being among the leading developer in Oman and Middle East.

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