Rent a bar spain - designed to help you find the bar you are searching for, from a small one-man business to multi-staffed restaurant. With more than 11 years in the Costa del Sol area of spain we have put together a large database of properties to assist in your ideal business.

We are a modern, dynamic Real Estate agency, comprising a tight knit multi-lingual team managed by a full time, hands on owner. The markets we operate in are competitive, and have always known that to succeed, be prepared to go the extra mile.

Rentabarspain operate as a Real Estate broker, bringing together those who have a property to sell with those who want to buy.

When listing a property for sale, we check the status and legality of a property, and advise the owner regarding any problems we always make recommendations as to the appearance and appeal of a property and how best to present it for sale. In certain instances, we can discuss with the owner the best way to sell a property, in order to realise the maximum financial gain.

We can assist you in many ways. We will explain to you, in simple terms, the buying process and associated administration necessary, why certain geographical areas are better than others.

We are here to serve the needs of our clients, and our whole philosophy is based around this ideal. If you require any more information please contact us.

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