CASCOM. Grupo Inmobiliario

Av. Caminos del Inca, 3333
Lima, 15039

We are a real estate company with extensive experience, dedicated to consulting and real estate brokerage for the sale or rental of real estate in all of Lima.

CASCOM is duly registered in SUNARP and the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation under Law 29 080 with the registration number 0377 PJ.

We work with a commitment to combine the best human and technical resources to offer our customers the best advice and success in buying, selling or renting your property on the minimum period set and the best price of the property market.

- Advise, orient clearly and accurately to the owners, buyers or those who intend to carry out a real estate transaction in the commercial assessment to estimate, quantify and assess the property, about the value, the characteristics of them and the consequences of the acts perform or seek to perform in a real estate transaction.

- Provide security in all real estate transactions, working in line with SUNARP, RENIEC, SUNAT, SAT, INFOCORP and DIRPOL for verification of the personal, registration and records of customer data, avoiding the risk of potential criminals.

Our Services: We use all tools as advertising billboards, flyers, Internet advertising portals in the best Real Estate and Networking.

We work with a private network of experts Realtors with more than 3,400 members.

We also have a portfolio of clients and investors.

- Sale and rental of real estate

- Search properties on request

- Commercial Appraisals.

Steps to start the sale or rental

- Study of the title of the property. (Current heading of SUNARP registration, PU HR and Municipal)

- Trade Taxation. (The company performs pricing at no extra cost)

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