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Bernards was established in May 1997. It is built around its founder, Bernard Bugeja who carries with him 18 years of continuous, dynamic activity in the real estate sector. 
Its track record of successful property deals has been based on reaching simple targets to identify niche opportunities and to exploit them by giving full satisfaction to both sellers and buyers alike. This proven ability to deliver is reflected in 'Bernards' portfolio of property for sale on the Maltese islands and whether it is Property For Sale or Property To Let it is pitched towards the middle and upper reaches of the market. This does not mean that at 'Bernards' we do not cater for clients who are looking to buy for the first time a home in Malta or in Gozo nor does it mean that we do not cater for clients who would like a small investment to come to as a holiday home or who would like To Buy a property To Let in Malta. On the contrary our ever experienced Property Consultants specialize in different sectors of the market so that you can be sure that they will give you the best service possible when looking for your dream Home in Malta or in Gozo. 
Real Estate in Malta and the sister island are equally good investments. The prospective buyer need not worry about anything more than what kind of property they wish to acquire. The rest is up to our consultants. They carry out their profession with one attribute in mind! 'The selective buyer'. It is the responsibility of every property Consultant to look after the interest of their clients be they buyers or sellers. Customer service is of utmost importance and the resources to maximize this precept must be faultless.

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