With more than 40 years of experience, Sound Proof Windows is the finest sound proof window glazing company in Melbourne. Our professional service of secondary glazing in Melbourne ensures that our client doesn’t need to replace the existing windows to attain soundproofing. We can strengthen and sound proof windows along with our high-quality sound proof glass.

With our retrofit double glazing service, we can install a new and fully independent secondary window on the already existing window. The best part is double glazing existing windows cost is relatively cheaper as compared to other soundproofing solutions.

Services We offer:

Soundproof Door:
 =>Double glazed doors 
 =>Double glazed sliding doors

Sound reducing windows:
 =>Double glazed windows retrofit
 =>Aluminium double glazed windows 
 =>Double glazing existing aluminium windows

Our secondary window glazing is ideal for achieving window noise reduction or window insulation in homes, offices, hotels and public buildings. We custom-built our secondary glazing solutions using ultra-thin frames and can colour-match the new soundproof windows to ensure that it perfectly blends into our client’s home décor.

To learn more about how to soundproof a window using our secondary glazing service, Melbourne residents call us today at our registered number! We ensure to provide the no-obligation double glazed window price quote!

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