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Industrial, Domestic & Commercial Waste & Sewage Water Treatment

Pavitra Environment provides services like biological & chemical oxygen demand, pond, waste water cleaning, reed bed systems, environmental consultancy, STP & ETP maintenance, enzymes for drainage septic tanks & soak pits, solid waste, sewage line cleaning for hotel, resort, hostels, colonies, restaurant, food industry!

The word PAVITRA is refinement of the word “Swaccha” that means pure, pristine,clear or lucid. Solid waste and Liquid waste is ubiquitous and comprises of waste materials that are produced by Households, commercial and industrial establishments that have no value to the owner. Thus waste is the resource at the wrong place.
We, at the PAVITRA believe that Waste Management is a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing – and even eliminating – environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to protect the environment and leave it for the future generations in better shape than we were given. So we care about the planet.

Enzymes are powerful tools that help sustain a clean environment in several ways. They are utilized for environmental purposes in a number of areas and  industries including sewage treatment,effluent treatment , drainage and septic tank  maintenance ,pond cleaning , agro-food, oil, animal feed, detergent, pulp and paper, textile, leather, petroleum, specialty chemical ,biochemical industry ,food manufacture, medical device cleaning, as well as many common household  and industrial cleaning processes .

We at Pavitra Environment Technologies provides the solutions natural conventional system of Constructed wetland which is called Reed Bed system for the treatment of waste water of urban, rural, Commercial and Industrial by the mean of roots treatments of the Waste Water. The system is ‘Eco-Technology’ for the recent time. In the country it is urgent need of the people and enactment of the Laws prevails the treatment of the waste water in that situation Constructed Wetland Provides you the easy and economic solutions of the waste water.

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