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Universal Services was established in 2009, we aim to become an optimum business enterprise supplying an entire engineering and technical solution provider for the construction chemicals and services as such Waterproofing, Heatproofing, Roof Heat Proofing and Epoxy Flooring. We are seeking to be the leader in purchaser delight, innovation, Professionalism and advanced satisfactory solution. We are the architect of a responsive, speedy, value-powerful and creative method to our client’s benefits and their important wishes.
We committed to best working with our clients for their satisfaction and consistently fulfills expectations. construction chemical compounds are specialty products which are utilized in structures to growth their life and additionally to impart additional safety from environmental risks. construction chemicals are vital for excellent concrete for improvement of concrete overall performance. within the overall growth of residential, industrial, a business sectors creation chemical substances play a crucial role.

Why Heat Proofing Essential

Weather becomes unpredictable in Pakistan Specially, in summer seasons. People seeking innovative products for heat proofing to reduce the temperature. Known technology people are likening to use the air conditioner in order to get heat proofing for the reduction of room temperature many of them using the inverter for the reduction of electricity. In rural areas people using matt material for their unfurnished homes for the heat proofing problem.

It is very less likely, to afford an air conditioner for the heat proofing for all. To get in the excess of everyone and resolve the problem of the individual. We introduce very effective and efficient material over vast application of multiple methods of Heat Proofing at an affordable price. For the ease of individual and facilitate the living standard.

Merits of Heat Proofing

Not only you will rest in reduce temperature approximately 40-45 % from the open area but also save electricity up to some extent, depend upon the method of application and surface of the subject area.

Why Universal Services.

Our customer service agent will guide you after evaluating the condition of the subject area and your desired requirement, we will advise the best and suitable application mode for your surface. We deliver utmost service and quality product for the heat proofing solution reveal the gain in our loyal customer in a very short period cause of quality of service and dedication of our team member.
This is an open market where the deceptive application may productive for a much shortened period of time. A simple ratio of whitewash may increases in the paint for the heat proofing solution but may not productive for the desired time. Because of light color. As we usually practice in our daily life dark color of clothes, for instance, feels warm specially dislike in summer seasons. The idea behind is same, simply whitening of paint may reflect the waterproofing but for very less time period.
We guaranty of quality material and services. As a result saving of electricity and productive yield. Our chemical has a high resistance to heat and reveals the outstanding gleaming look

Our Curriculum Services.

We focused on client satisfaction irrespective of nature of job either it’s a single point to coat or a large covered area. We offered high productive result oriented chemical application of heat-proofing at a reasonable price affordable for any individual.
We offered Colour coating for the customer desired. But white or light colors are recommended. It reflects sunlight due to the coating on the top. Over 80% of the light strike through glossary coating and prevents temperature about 80% to absorbed heat into reinforcement of the structure. Leading to extend in the life of the structure seems new look and saving the light energy.
It not only works as a heat proofing but also in winter seasons it exhaust bearable temperature for the improvement of comfort and elegance offered.

Thermal Insulation coatings for roof

Often sunlight affects the area through ultra-violet (UV), causes of deterioration of surface leads to cracks and break of the subjected area that stimulates the more heat rays to pass on the beneath level. Our heat proofing coating is responsible to mitigate roughly 57% of heat load on building’s roof. It can be applied on the roof and side of the building such as RCC, metal, felt, asphalt, aluminum, wood, and rubber, it rarely used on the interior surfaces of home or building. To block heat up to 45% With having high elongation & strong bonding additional properties, it can create an excellent Heat Proof barrier against all type of roofs & exterior walls.
Hot weather conditions damaged the roof in many ways, Our chemical application helps to prevent building expansion/contraction & thermal shocks.
Using air conditioning & other cooling appliances is not very good for the environment and also harm for bones. Use of isophane will drastically reduce the temperature, and it will help the environment with no arm of the human body.

Priority Procedure of Roof Heat Proofing

Without restructuring or scrapping with zero, we endeavor to stimulate the prolonging condition of the subjected area with desired heat proofing object. Our determination is effective work with less cost. Although our heat proofing services reduce the cost of electricity bill and extend the life of the roof or structure results the returned the cost incurred on heat proofing material. “(Free of Cost)
Electricity is a deliberate problem in Pakistan, thus heat proofing also worth full to overcome this problem to some extent. Over 80% of light striking from heat proof coating reflect back and resist the surface from heat beneath to the reinforcement and impairment of comfort and structure.
This means that heat proofing coated structure retain the strength of the material and life and protect from sunlight to deteriorate the material of the structure such as color reinforcement and other associated product that is used to establish for the building.
We applied highly grade chemical coating made of water-resistant polymers protect the subject area from seepage and seams open, either from leakage of drainage or due to heavy rain leads to enable the expansion joints or fasteners.


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