Xpress Technologies Dmcc - Online Distributor for Vtacled

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Xpress Technologies DMCC is an online distributor of V-TAC LED, selling high quality LED Lights all across globe especially with strong presence in Europe and the UAE. V-TAC LED has the latest LED products in hand to meet any of your residential or commercial LED lighting needs. Our extensive inventory includes, but is not limited to: LED bulbs, floodlights, tube lights, spot lights, panel lights, down lights, strip lights, and other commercial or residential lights for both indoor and outdoor applications.

V-TAC LED is one of the fastest growing online stores, which is offering an extensive range of top quality LED lighting solutions at affordable prices from one-time, residential buyers to wholesale and commercial applications.

We are one of the top brands to meet any LED lighting requirements with uniform price, along with spreading awareness on how to become innovative with minimal expenses using V-TAC’s high quality LED lights across the globe.  Currently we are present in almost 50 Countries with wide range of more than 1000 product categories. We are providing top line quality of product and services to all our customers and assisting them with their transactions to generate good impressions and a repeat of business across the supported countries. These highly tested and certified V-TAC LED products are delivered to your doorstep through our reliable and well-trusted partnered courier service provider to meet your timeline.

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