Based in Shenzhen, China, Saudi China International Limited specializes in the supply of Quality Finishing Building Materials. This Saudi-Chinese joint venture has been in association for over five years, resulting in excellent understanding of the Saudi Arabian market for finishing building material and elaborate sourcing experience in the Chinese market for such products. A recently completed project in AlKhobar, The Sand Rose Apart Hotel, is a result of this association. It provides an example of the Quality Standards maintained and serves as a show case for the type of materials that may be imported from China. This includes gyp board for walling/ceilings and cladding, stone for flooring and counter tops, aluminum for ceiling cladding, complete toilets with all accessories, kitchen cabinets and equipment/tools, lighting and related switches/universal outlets, furniture, bedding, etc.
China Material sourcing is based on selectivity of factories with International certifications, joint ventures and trade experience. To this extent, we guarantee low cost Chinese raw materials and labor combined with high quality International technology and production standards.
The strong Logistics arms of Saudi China International Ltd., both in China and Saudi Arabia, insures the timely and safe delivery of the products from the source factories in China to the user warehouse or project location in Saudi Arabia.
We offer our expertise in understanding customers' requirements and commits to deliver those requirements, according to agreed upon specifications, in a timely manner maintaining a win-win customer/supplier relation. Customer satisfaction will always remain our primary objective as we look for repeated business and long lasting business relation.

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