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Lifting Hoists Direct is a specialist lifting hoist manufacturer and supplier, offering a range of manual and powered lifting hoists.

With this manual and powered range, which includes both electrically powered and pneumatically powered hoists, they are able to serve dozens of industries and hundreds of companies throughout the UK, which includes everything from aerospace to construction and engineering to food & brewery, with many other industries in between, And, as an added bonus, Lifting Hoists Direct’s location in the centre of the UK, in the West Midlands, allows them rapid response times to any part of the country for emergencies or quick deliveries. As well as the stocking, supplying and delivery of a wide range of lifting hoists, the company also offers installation, servicing, repairs, and certification of all hoisting equipment, regardless of whether you purchased the item through them or not. Regular inspections and certification form part of the law when it comes to lifting equipment, and Lifting Hoists Direct have made sure to position themselves as a company that can help with everything from start to finish, and beyond, so that you never need to worry about your lifting hoists again. They have also positioned themselves as a company that stocks the best equipment, offers the most competitive rates, delivers the most efficient service, and leaves the happiest customers. Their range of hoists all have their own unique benefits and advantages, with some more suited to hazardous environments, while others have a much stronger lifting capacity than their counterparts. If you know exactly what type of hoist you are interested in, you can browse their range of products on their website here, or if you are looking for advice and assistance then you can get in contact with one of the expert team on 01384 75182.

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