The company main activity is the construction project management and the technical supervising, in addition to expert consultancy. The Gaveran Ltd. has an all-round, comprehensive expert team to solve all of the type of building questions and problems in every construction trade as Hermina Towers office center, Corvin Shopping Mall and Office complex, several-hundred-apartment condominium houses constructions project management, high school construction, hotel refurbishment technical supervising, office fit-out installations/supervising, expertising tasks and bank independent expert engineering works.

The Gaveran team is prepared to organize and manage any kind of construction works. The engineers, the technical staff is well experienced to manage that kind of works, where there is no general contractor and we give the total construction management, which means to manage the technical supervising without the cost of the main contractor as we did at Expo & Trade or Vision Towers Office Center and living houses.

Our firm offers at the previous expound building-trade directions professional works with an excellent, responsible and competent team, who gives more than an ordinary approach.


Our statement:                                                                              WE BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF PROFICIENCY AND QUALITY!

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