Daniel González Aranda, architect - surveyor

Building & Structural Surveys by Survey Andalucia / Pro Inspection Report

The Building & Structural Survey is a totally independent report outlining any visible defects in accordance with the photographic illustrations, it covers those parts of the property which are visible and accessible including any roof space, a full inspection with test of services and machinery where practical. Depending on weather and property conditions, the survey can include an infrared technique enabling me to detect problematic areas that otherwise would not be visible.

Certified Legal Reports for litigious cases of building negligence and house damage,  carried out by a qualified Spanish architect throughout Spain, but specifically in the provinces of Almería, Malaga and Granada, also Región de Murcia and Alicante.

Daniel González Aranda is regulated by the College of Architects in Spain, and he is therefore governed by all their rules and ethics as laid down in their code of conduct. He has the responsibility assured that can be delivered from the professional exercise by the insurance obtained with "ASEMAS - Mutua de Seguros y Reaseguros" through the Spanish Institute of Architects.

As a freelance surveyor, I have no links and I can provide a totally independent report assessing any visible defects on the property.Depending on weather condition my survey will include an infrared thermograph technique enabling me to detect problematic areas that otherwise would not be visible.

In fact part of my work is in relation with legal reports for litigation on building negligence and house damage, I frequently cooperate with solicitors and act as a Judicial Expert with different Judge Offices and Courts in the province of Almería.

My advice: as I work as an expert adviser to the Court of law and on behalf of private clients, I have seen many cases of bad business practice, so be extremely careful and do not fall into the trap of cutting corners on initial surveys. The legal process in Spain is long and usually very expensive.

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Daniel González Aranda

Architect - Judicial Expert

Official Institute of Architects of Almería # 292

Judicial Expert and Forensic Architects Association of Almería # 37

Mobile: 34 686 846 624 - Juan Anglada 6 – 2º 3B – Vera – Almería - Spain




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