Bentel Associates International

Corlett Dr, 52, 52, 52
Johannesburg, 2196
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+27 (0)105 907 900

South African Architects, Bentel Associates International (BAI) was founded in 1960 with the desire to create practical and innovative designs that will ensure attractive public environments and achieve commercial success for their clients. Nearly 60 years on, BAI's passion for excellence in commercial design continues and the company's extensive portfolio is testament to this.

As the country's leading commercial architects or interior design architects, BAI succeeded in becoming award-winning South African artchitects well-known for having designed many landmark developments,etc. the famous Nelson Mandela Square. The expert team at BAI's commercial expertise, ingrained understanding of how design influences a business, coupled with their diverse skills set drives every aspect of their projects here in South Africa as well as the Middle East & India. 

With services that range from urban master planning, mixed use and infrastructural developments, interior- and graphic design, BAI, South African Architects multidisciplinary approach addresses all sectors of the building industry.  Bentel Associates International aim to create landmark developments that not only exceed the expectations of their clients but enhance the needs of all end users and make long-term financial sense.


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