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We allow property developers to build by reducing up to 60% building cost. The system is design to build eco friendly houses in order to support the vision of climate change. the houses are made of clay and only 8% of cement . the blocks are interlocking blocks, dry stack and load bearing blocks. That means, one can build with no mortar, no plastering and no pillars up to two storey building.
The blocks are earthquake resistant up to magnitude 9. The blocks used to build are bullet proof blocks at the level of Ak 47 and sound proof.
The blocks ,because they are made of soil and cement, they bring fresh temperature during summer inside the house and warm temperature during winter.
the buildings are project-managed and can meet any deadline in building.
The houses are demolition and modification friendly.
If you want to modify the house you simply remove the blocks like a puzzle and save materials and cost. Same apply for demolition.
Its time to create houses that will assist in building eco-friendly homes and putting the population in secure houses. The machine Hydraulocks invented can produce 2200 blocks, cure them in 14 days before building time. The machines are mobile with tyres and can be driven to the construction sites in order to produce the blocks for building purposes.

The kind that makes you in assurance.

We value our clients and always happy to add value to their projects.

We are a team of engineers specialised in different field including electrical engineering, electronic engineering, structural engineering, process engeering, Mechanotronics engineering, scientists, civil engineering, mechanical engineerings and designers as well as drawing engineers. 

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