Box at Work GmbH

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Box at Work is an on-demand service for self storage and moving boxes. 

We deliver boxes to your doorstep,including pick-up after use. We also offer an easy storage service inclucing delivery of boxes and pick up of those and other bulky items to store them in our secured warehouse.

Moving boxes:

  1.  Order the amount of moving boxes you need.
  2. We bring them to your home.
  3. We pick them up after the move.

The moving boxes are sturdy, stackable and better for the environment.

On-demand storage:

  1. Order online or via phone.
  2. We deliver the boxes
  3. You pack
  4. We pick up the boxes and other items and bring them to our secured warehouse.

Keep the overview of your stored belongings in your online account and order something back whenever you need it. Re-delivery within 24h. 

Give us a call or write an e-mail to learn more!


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