Jet My Pet

dubai, 51809
United Arab Emirates

When it comes to moving out of the UAE, arranging for the shipment of your pets should be the least of your worries, as it turns out the process is long and complicated, on top of that it is considered expensive. "Jet My Pet" Specializes in making the trip as stress free and inexpensive for you and your beloved pets. Through our Close relationships with the airlines and animal care specialists we will arrange for your pets to have a safe and comfortable trip when you move.
Did you also know that it can work out cheaper and easier for you to take your pets on holiday with you than searching for a place for them to stay while you are away? Pets registered with us are able to obtain a pet passport allowing them to get on the plane as easy as you and I would. We even provide holiday packages through our associated agencies which are catered for you and your pets.
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