LocoNav - India's #1 Fleet Management System
Businesses in India are forced to run their vehicles with extreme inefficiency and poor security. We're determined to change that. Working with 1000s of businesses across various industries, geographies, fleet types and sizes, has exposed us to a lot of multilayered and complex problems that they face daily. Through our proprietary technology, we ensure that every business benefits with lower running costs, greater security and faster turnarounds.
Manage end to end business operations for all fleet types:

Use LocoNav IoT solutions for Telematics & Payments to manage every aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Make better business decisions through actionable data insights on Loconav.

Optimize supply chain operations across any industry type:

Increase vehicle efficiency, reduce delivery costs and enhance your customer’s experience. Integrate your ERP systems with just a click. Build custom dashboards on the way to identify delivery bottlenecks.
Launch your own applications within minutes:

Leverage LocoNav's technology stack to build your own applications. We have exposed all our features through APIs so that your time is spent on building your business.
Website: https://loconav.com/gps-vehicle-tracker

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