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Are you moving to the Netherlands as an expat, or did your company just hire a new employee from abroad? The Tax Consultants at Tax Globalizers give the complete support on tax, visa, social security and pension, during and after your (dutch) assignment.

The Relocation Consultants will make sure that your relocation will be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Tax Globalizers, Taking care of you(r) expat!

Tax Globalizers is a consultant company, with a world wide network, which provides support to foreign employees during their assignment in the Netherlands and their employers. Beside that we offer support to Dutch employees abroad, with regards to their tax, pension and social security affairs.

Tax Globalizers is characterized by their personal approach, the outstanding quality level, the fair fees (approximately 50%-75% lower than the big 4), and the 24/7 relocation emergency support desk and the convenient location in Eindhoven. Our Relocation service consists of a.o.:

Complete removal coordination to the Netherlands

  • Custom papers
  • Airport pick up


  • Rental contract negotiations
  • Installment electric, gas, water, internet, tv
  • Rental temporary furniture, if applicable
  • Making sure, you arrive in a clean, warm, cosy house.


  • Registration at City hall
  • Applying for a BSN number (social security number)
  • Registration at the IND Opening a bank account All insurances( car, house, liability, health,..)
  • Drivers license for the Netherlands
  • Education (Pre) School registration
  • Language training
  • High School/ University
  • Drivers lessons in the Netherlands
  • Child care/ Nanny/ au-pair


  • Lease car
  • Buying a house
  • Import Car
  • Medical introduction to GP/ Dentist/ hospital/ Vet
  • Sportfacility/ membership
  • Theater/ restaurant/ amusement information
  • Introduction at an international network

Dual careers and Tax service

Before Assignment:

  • Application of residence- and work permits.
  • Advice on cross-border employment and expatriation policy.
  • Advice concerning wage tax and social security.
  • Preparation of employment contracts and assignment contracts.
  • Preparation of Dutch gross-to-net and Dutch net-to-gross calculations.
  • Application of E101-statements and Certificate of Coverage statements.
  • Preparation of migration formalities for inbound and outbound employees.
  • Entrance and Exit meetings with the employee to discuss his tax, pension and social security situation.
  • Application of voluntary insurance of the national insurance and employee insurance.

During the assignment:

  • Application of the 30%-ruling for foreign employees.
  • Preparation of the annual Dutch income tax return for inbound and outbound employees and all relating administrative obligations.
  • Preparation of the annual Foreign income tax return for inbound and outbound employees and all relating administrative obligations.
  • Preparation of the requests for rent allowance, medical care allowance, child care allowance and child allowance.

Tax Globalizers also offers consultants to Tax and HR departments, to support them in International assignments issues.

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