Persaldo guides Expats through the German tax jungle. We do that in a way, that might be best described as personal, individual and service orientated. Fair price structure based mainly on time and effort and a almost permanent availability during regular office hours makes Persaldo a huge help, when it comes to dealing with the duties of an expat subject to the German tax system. 

It doesn't make a difference, if you work as an employee or as a freelancer. Our clients are private persons, business entities, freelancers and non-profit organisations. We provide one-off tax advice as we take care of ongoing bookkeeping, tax returns, annual accounts, payroll accounting...
Please get in touch to learn, what we can do for you!

Maybe you

  • have just started your freelancing and would need some help to register with the tax office or
  • are working remotely for an employer located outside of Germany or
  • want to set up a UG or a GmbH and have a couple of questions how to begin with...or
  • want to get rid of the monthly pain to do your bookkeeping and to submit your VAT return or
  • your company needs a competent partner to provide the ongoing figures of your bookkeeping, annual accounting and tax returns or 
  • are expecting a refund from income tax and are looking for a tax adviser experienced to make the best of it or
  • are obliged to prepare a tax return or
  • need a reliable expert dealing with the ongoing payroll of your company or
  • What can we do for you?

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