ExpatriateTaxReturns.com is a hi-tech income tax preparation service. We are a team of tax professionals, fully trained and experienced in handling any tax return, any tax issue no matter how simple or complex.

Need to file your Federal, State or City income tax return? We handle every Federal Form possible, all 50 States and every city in the USA. Our tax package is complete and refund ready including efiling! 

Have you been contacted by the IRS or state government and don't know what to do? We can help! Over the years, we have been "tax trouble shooters" for countless clients leading them to reasonable resolutions regarding every tax issue, from every U.S. government agency.

No need to fret ...days, months or years behind, we are here to help. We've gone back as far as 10 years to bring taxpayers up-to-date. And it goes without saying that we can handle it all--interest calculations, penalty waivers and payment arrangements!

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