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As a team of property investors ourselves, we understand that every dollar counts. Having your own property is a dream that many Australians are working hard towards. Investors toil away for years to put away savings on a deposit for their first property purchase.
Upon settling, you rent out your home and come to the end of the financial year, you’re up for paying a whole heap of tax from the rental income your property generates. The majority of first-time investors aren’t aware that property depreciation is the second largest tax deduction they can claim on their investment property after interest on loans.
Our mission is to help reduce the burden by providing the most affordable, convenient and aggressive tax depreciation schedule service so that you can maximise the return on your property investment and reduce your tax burden.
Whether it’s for a residential property, granny flat, major renovation or commercial business, we’ve got the expertise and know-how to help you achieve significant savings.
Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors are Australia’s most reviewed and highly-rated Quantity Surveyors. As the country’s fastest-growing property tax depreciation service, thousands of investors have entrusted us in helping them maximise their tax deductions each year.

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