Mesh Wheels and Accessories supplies a multitude of truck and trailer wheels, with more than 40 lines to choose from, including fully forged aluminum, silver disc, demountable rims and chrome plated steel wheels and rims. The extensive range also includes toolboxes, gates, tanks, wheel nut covers, axles, suspensions, towing x-members, couplings and much more affiliated parts, all of which can be seen on the new website. Mesh Wheels and Accessories is also an agent for SAF Holland and Airtec.

Mesh Wheels and Accessories is pleased to showcase our new line of 'Chrome Alloy Wheels', which has taken months to perfect, it is a non-standard design that has been modified to be cost-effective for commercial vehicle operators.

At Mesh Wheels and Accessories we are firm believers that quality products and service go hand in hand, if you give 100 percent service to customers and don't let them down, the business will keep on growing. That's why we both swear by Mesh's motto 'Quality Without Compromise', because that's what ultimately keeps customers coming back.

Mesh Wheels and Accessories is, simply the better place to shop for all your Transport needs.



Mesh Wheels and Accessories offer an extensive range of high quality tyre and wheels for trucks trailers and buses available for purchase through our online store.


We stock wheels, rims and tyres in all the common sizes in a range of colours, finishes and applications including:

Chrome plated steel

Steel silver

Polished alloy

Mill machined alloy

Chrome alloy

Steer tyre

Drive tyre

Trailer Tyre

Forestry & Logging

Available In American, European, Demountable, Japanese & Trailer Fitments


Browse our range of:


Replacement wheels

Replacement tyres

Tyre and wheel packages

Wheel pallet deals

Customised/Made to order

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