Western Union Online FX is a smart alternative to bank wires for sending money internationally. This service offers bank to bank transfers using an online account. That means your recipients will receive money directly in their bank accounts and they do no need to have an account with us.

Not only do you save time doing it online because you don't have to go to the bank and stand in line, you'll get all your total costs upfront and know exactly how much your recipient will receive, BEFORE you confirm your transfer! 

Features of Online FX

  • Lock in real time rates: With our quick quote tool, easily check exchange rates any time of the day.  Once you confirm your transaction, your foreign exchange rate is set and your recipient won't have any surprises.
  • Save money: With our no-fee* option to send via ACH to your recipient's bank account, you save on wire fees normally charged by banks, and your recipient saves money by not paying an incoming wire fee!
  • Send to 140 currencies:  You can send money to just about any bank account in the world! That's world-wide coverage that many banks don't offer.
  • Email confirmations: We'll keep you and your recipient up to date with the transaction. Get an email notification of when we've received your payment, and your recipient gets a notice when the money has been sent to them.
  • Customer service:  We provide phone and email customer support 24 hours, 6 days a week.

Who uses this service?

People use this service to pay for international student tuition, send money to their family members, pay for imported products, repatriate expat salaries, pay for foreign vacation homes, just to name a few. 

If you make recurring transfers, this service can save you time and hassle by saving your information.  After setting up your payment preferences and recipient bank accounts, repeat payments are a breeze!

Learn more and sign up:  http://onlinefx.westernunion.ca/justlanded/

Quick FAQ:

How do I pay for transfers?
--> You can use bill pay from most Canadian banks, or link your chequing account.

How much are your fees?
--> Our low fees are flat rates based on your preferred transfer speed (not by amount). Visit our website for more details.

MORE FAQ's: http://onlinefx.westernunion.ca/faq/

Learn more and sign up:  http://onlinefx.westernunion.ca/justlanded/


*Western Union makes money from the exchange of currencies.

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