Almost all drivers can benefit from excess insurance. Unless you already have a long history of not making claims it is generally well worth comparing the costs of buying an insurance policy with and without excess insurance. Only by making this direct comparison can you be certain of just how much money you can really save on your car insurance.

However there are a number of groups for whom excess insurance can be particularly beneficial, and these are mainly the groups who are required to pay over the odds for their car insurance.

Young drivers are a perfect example. Young drivers, thanks to their lack of experience on the road, are often penalized by insurance companies and required to pay premiums that are much higher than older individuals. In such cases making use of excess insurance can often be an excellent way to save a considerable sum of money.

Another good example of who might benefit from excess insurance are foreign drivers. Once again drivers from abroad are frequently penalized by their lack of a no-claims discount, even if they have been driving in their home country for decades. Excess insurance offers a way to save money on UK car insurance without having to compromise on the level of service offered.

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