Jensen Investment Management, Inc.

5300 Meadows Road Ste
250 Lake Oswego,
Oregon, 97202
United States

Location: 5300 Meadows Road Ste. 250 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97202
For over two decades Jensen has been defined by our uncompromising commitment to quality. Not only in the companies in which we invest, but in everything we do.
The consistency, dedication and independence fostered by that commitment have become hallmarks of our firm. Over the years we have developed a unique, collaborative culture that is key to our ability to attract and retain talented, dedicated professionals. Professionals with a broad spectrum of business experience who understand market cycles and who know that a sound, sustainable investment process is vital in every economic climate.
As an independent, employee-owned firm, we believe that management ownership is important in the companies we invest in and we apply the same principle to our firm.
Based in Portland, Oregon, Jensen Investment Management offers two mutual funds: The Jensen Quality Growth Fund and the Jensen Quality Value Fund.

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