We would like to invite any investors to cooperate with us in the growing market of Central and Eastern Europe, which offers attractive opportunities in real-estate and new-technology projects. In particular, Eastern Europe will gain on importance as an area for economic development.

If you want to gain entry to Central and Eastern European markets and establish a business there, we are at your service.

Our Investment Portal (www.eurotrust24.de) has been designed to bring together and present selected ventures, attracting potential investors.  At the same time, we are offering our clients an opportunity to submit their own real-estate or new-technology business idea/investment project, which, through our portal, will be made accessible to interested parties in Germany, Austria, Kuwait, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

We are also prepared to assist in implementing and managing investment projects, for both private and institutional entities, in the countries mentioned above. 

Convinced that our co-operation could be mutually beneficial, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Dr. Roman Ziembinski



Dr. Ziembinski KG

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D-81545 München

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