740plus Credit Score Repair

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Superior results without the illegal tactics other companies use. We do not accept every case. Expect the real truth from us. No over-promising. * Collection, repo, charge-off permanent deletion success rate about 92% when debts are not yet paid. * Debt buyer accounts up to 100% debt elimination + deletions * Complex & difficult cases if we accept * Foreclosure & short sale deletions and workouts via our lawyer network in 43 states * Debt settlement with deletions that are impossible for other firms * IRS tax lien deletion success rate 94% * Judgments success off credit about 70% * Limited late payment cases, not oops--my excuse is... * ID theft only if it really happened Registered by CA Department of Justice (only 2 of every 1,000 credit repair companies are registered!) We do NOT attempt to get bankruptcy off credit, the attempt is not legal. We are not inexpensive nor are we the most expensive.

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