eBSEG Digital banking solution offers a secure and rich UX application providing a world class banking and payment experience to your customers over mobile Banking and Internet Banking.

With eBSEG Digital Banking Solution, Enable your customers to access a variety of options about their bank accounts and so much more. 

Complete access to their transactional history alone most with complete details surrounding the transaction so they have comprehensive information at their fingertips. Whether it’s bank accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Lines of credit or Bill payments. It’s available at their fingertips!

eBSEG has created it's Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform which covers almost all common digital channels including:

- Internet Banking (Desktop).

- Mobile banking.

- Tablet Banking.

- Chat Bot Banking (Text & Voice).

- Digital Bank Marketing.

- Apple Watch Banking.

- Business Banking Omnichannel.

- FaceBook Banking.

- ATM/Kiosk Banking.

- Call Center Banking.

- eBranch Banking.

- Messaging Banking.


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