bunq - Bank of The Free

We’re bunq, Bank of The Free.

We're a totally independent bank that removes borders and barriers in traditional banking. No branches, no queues, no paperwork, just immediate access from a mobile device. Users can share bank accounts with whomever they want, pay with worldwide Maestro and Mastercards wherever they go and get support whenever they need it.

With bunq, you can open your full bank account in just 5 minutes via your mobile phone, and use your bank account right away. 

Extra simple for Expats - The fully mobile expat bank account

We make moving between countries easier than ever, as you can open your bunq bank account already from abroad before moving, from anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone, your ID and an EU address. No paperwork, no branch visits, no waiting lines and TIN can be added up to 90 days after signing up. We make it super easy, so you have the freedom to enjoy life in your new home.

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