Product Overview Services:
UBS investment Bank facilitates all kinds of loan and can finance project in developed and developing nations. We offer this services to foster and enhance the growth of your business daily activity. Our services includes facilitating Project financing,construction loan, agricultural loan and all other kinds of loans and banking instruments eg. Bank Guarantee,SBLC,MTN,SKR etc.
Equity funding is available for companies in the energy industry. Priority is rendered to companies with more than two years existence; companies must provide all legal documents according the legislation of the country it is established, audited cash flow, income and balance sheet financial statement need to be submitted as this will form the basis for evaluating the feasibility of the viability of the company.  Our funding interest rate is not comparable to any-other financing banks.
UBS Investment Bank do wish to inform you of their interest in the funding process based on your project as mentioned.
Do send us your project or business plan for our considerations and approval.

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