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Domestic Pools

We specialize in the refurbishing of domestic swimming pools, Pool 2 Pond sets itself apart from other competitors by delivering the most appealing and secure pool maintenance service to the pool industry and its clientele.

We afford ourselves the time and patience when catering to clients and the services in need using the best chemicals and equipment to achieve magnificent results.

Healthy Clean Pools

Healthy Clean Pools are a must for us here at Pool 2 Pond a healthy clean pool is the difference between a happy client and a dissatisfied one. Pool 2 Pond ensures the best services keeping clients well informed on procedures and delivering the best results within a reasonable time frame.

Luxury Pools

Pool 2 Pond makes use of its know how in the industry to cater to a more upmarket industry of luxury pools and apply ourselves to the strength of Pool installations and Refurbishments to deal with luxury pools and their needs of servicing as a start-up founded by a veteran in the industry Pool 2 Pond with ease is one of the best companies to assign to the task of domestic luxury pools.

Pool Maintenance

Here at Pool 2 Pond we ensure the maintenance of Pools is kept as a strict high priority and we pride ourselves with offering patient and groom worthy services to offer our clients relaxation, comfort and mental security so that they may be at ease in the comfort of their own homes.


“Big fish? Small Pond?”

With years of dedicated servicing of Ponds we offer a variety of products and services for the maintenance of Ponds and the habitat created to function within it.

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