Ray Yoga Studio

Argentia Rd, 2550
Mississauga, L5N 5R1
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+1 (647) 477-5777

Your health is the most expensive and sophisticated gadgets in the world. Ray Yoga Studio is dedicated to provide the ORIGINAL yoga to Ray Yogis. Yoga is just not about bending your bodies. It is more to restraint of mind activities, control your life in a disciplined way, feel your breath, make your body healthy and sense the divine power. Our instructor Ray Chakrabarti learned yoga from renowned yoga gurus in India since his childhood and now he is dedicated to serv original yoga to Ray Yogis. We are “Original from Origin”.  
First time in Canada Ray Yoga has introduced “Purna Kriya”, a complete flow of Yoga Science. Our yogis start their yoga journey with simple workouts, followed by breathing exercises. We practise breathing techniques in several ways to release tensions, remove stress, reduce wear and tear of the body, control blood pressure and improve nervous system. Our yogis get unlimited benefits from yoga poses improving flexibility, strength and balance. We do not repeat yoga poses at every class. We practise alternative yoga poses to cover the full range of massage in our body. Yoga Sutras stated, “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha” which means yoga is the practicing of quietening mind. Yogis feel calm and stress free practicing Meditation. It releases negative mind states and frustrations. Yogis in our yoga classes lean to feel their minds with clarity and find inner peace. We conclude Purna Kriya with Corpse pose. It is an art of relaxation discharging every remaining bit of tension in the body and mind. 

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