Some friends a few years older than me are recently talking about early retirement so that they can focus more on their well-being.  People are always busy with work, family and/ or other commitment in life and their own well-being seems to come last.  I asked my friends, 'if you can't focus on your own well-being now, what makes you think that you would be able to do that after you're retired?  There might still be other commitment getting in the way.'  Therefore, you should put yourself first starting now.
Age doesn't determine how fit you ought to be because you can be at your best shape at any age. Older people believe that their health is on decline because they're 'getting older'.  Have you heard of the Iron-nun?  The 80-year-old nun who has completed number of triathlon and ironman races and she only started training at 49.  She can easily be fitter than any youngsters because she's put in lots of hard work and she doesn't limit her ability with her age!
Think about what kind of life you want to live and what you need to do to achieve that lifestyle, and take action NOW!  It's never too late if you are willing to make a difference.  You will be stunned by how much you can achieve at any age if you put in hard work.  Also, incorporate your favorite activities and food into your training routine, and often mix things up to make training more enjoyable.  It's all about YOU and you ought to be the best!

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