English Speaking Personal Training Services in Paris

We offer one-to-one and semi-private fitness personal training session across the city of Paris.

Have you ever had a fitness goal that you were really into? Did you want to run a marathon? Get into sport? Or do a powerlifting competition? Or did you just want to get stronger ion general?

In the pursuit of your goal how long was it until you started feeling aches and pains? I don’t mean the good aches that signify a hard workout I mean the ones that force you to take a day off, that discourage you and force you to back off from achieving what you set out to do?

This more often than not is because you have unwittingly skipped some vital steps toward seeing your goals fulfilled. These steps are the ones that must be taken to build a strong foundational movement base. To build the tallest pyramids and to reach the highest heights you must have a foundation strong and wide enough to support the level of your destination.

For this reason The first thing we do at HealthQuest is put you through a basic movement screening designed to pick up the imbalances in your movement pattern and your level of mind to muscle connection. 

These imbalances become the focus for the first programs you go through to ensure you have well balanced bio mechanics and the awareness to understand your muscles function in the basic foundation of movement. As a result of this work your aches and pains will dissipate, your posture will improve and you will  set yourself up to reach greater fitness aspirations than you ever thought possible.

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