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A Guide To Modern Pond Construction 
Most of us will have started keeping cold water fish and then after seeing Koi at a Koi dealer or at a garden centre decided that this was the way to go regarding our fish keeping. Many of us will have started with a small, or not small, ornamental pond with very little depth and usually many plants including water lilies. These are very ornamental and look nice in the general setting of the garden, but totally unsuitable for the successful keeping of Koi.
Let us assume that you are now intending to build a pond and these notes are now intended to give some ideas and recommendations for your consideration before you make a decision.
There is a big advantage in belonging to a local Koi club because then you can visit other members' pond , exchange idea, often a club has books in the library which shows photographs of various ponds. There are now quite a few photos of ponds appearing on homepages on the Internet.
Let us now start looking at some of the things to consider before designing your pond. The position of the pond, the size and the shape will inevitably depend on one another so you cannot really decide on one without the other.
The first idea is to place the pond near to the house so that you can admire your fish even when it is cold and windy day.
You should keep the away from large trees as the roots especially in the case of species such as Weeping Willows will seek out of water and can damage the ponds especially in the case of pond liners. Bamboo has the same effect and will soon put down long roots and will easily penetrate the pond liner.

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