Home Exercise Equipment Company

Home Exercise Equipment Company is located in London and is one of the top 10 home fitness equipment companies in the UK. We focus on product research and development, and have developed much ergonomic, durable, and good-looking home exercise equipment, which have been praised and loved by thousands of customers. Our products mainly include exercise bike, treadmill, abdominal trainer, row-n-ride trainer, etc.

Our stationary exercise bikes are made of sturdy materials and can withstand a weight of 270lbs. The weight of the flywheel is 18lbs. Ergonomic design allows you to exercise more effectively. You can achieve different exercise effects by adjusting the resistance.

A good fluid exercise bicycle will have a resistance curve that is comparable to riding on the road. You pedal harder and it gets harder. A dumb trainer can be fairly inexpensive. You could pay a little more to get calculated power.


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