Absea Yachts & Boats Rental Llc

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Berth C-29, Dubai International Marine Club

Dubai, Dubai 37459


ABSEA Yachts & Boats Rental LLC operates 4 self owned Fishing Boats in the UAE offering Deep Sea Fishing Trips on a private basis as well as 2 hour sea cruises from Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah.

The most common types of traditional fishing methods was through the use of nets, called ‘Hadra’ or ‘Gargour’ which were deployed from boats called lanshs, or palm-front shashahs.

In recent years, due to the large increase in demand for seafood, larger and more advanced fishing methods are being used for commercial fishing the local fish stocks are being depleted, causing a risk which is being addressed by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.



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