We are a highly accredited international manufacturer and contractor of Synthetic Sports Surface
installation resin material, machinery. All products are manufactured to meet the highest industry
standards and they comply with all international regulations and guidelines.

★PU system material (IAAF certificated Spay-coat, Sandwich ,Full-PU athletic running track system ).

★Si-PU system material (ITF tennis court; basketball court, etc sports and leisure field system ).

★CE certificated synthetic track & field pavement machinery and tools.

★Recycled prefabricated rubber roll/mat(gym/fitness mat , acoustical underlayment mat).

★EPDM color granule for synthetic track & field and TPR artificial turf infill granule  .

★Professional installation technology supervisor for all kinds of project with above product .

We hope you will find what your looking for and if the products are of interest to your company we would like the opportunity to do business with you. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information on pricing, testing statistics, and any other questions and or concerns that you may have.

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