Connie Tsang Works of Art Limited

Bonham Strand, 91-93
Hong Kong

Born in Hong Kong, Connie Tsang developed an early attraction to antique Chinese furniture. Her passion for beautiful wood furniture led her professionally into the Chinese antique furniture business where she worked for 12 years with China Art, one of the best known and respected antique furniture shops in Hong Kong.

In 2001, her passion for the Chinese antique led her to New York City where she joined WaterMoon Gallery, one of the few galleries in New York City specializing in Chinese and Tibetan furniture. At the same time, Ms. Tsang continued with the development of her personal collection. Her decades-long, hands-on experience in polishing, restoring and conservation have nurtured a deep understanding of the properties of wood, furniture construction and finishing. Additionally during this period, she has developed a curator's knowledge and expert eye for ceramics and fine art objects.

Ms Tsang has developed a collection that specializes in fine furniture and unique Chinese art objects with a component of primitive art pieces. She also provides consulting services to assist clients in building an authentic and valuable collection.

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